Friday, February 03, 2006

Let me tell you a story about the greatest t-shirt ever made

I am, of course, referring to my "I [heart] Igor Ulanov" t-shirt. It's kind of sparkly.

Anyway, I first wore the t-shirt out to O'Byrne's on Whyte on January 7th. As you may recall, The Oilers lost to The Leafs that night. Many were not in high spirits. The table of drunken belligerents threatened my life several times because of the t-shirt, but mostly it was well-received. I received many drunken compliments. A note to men: even if you compliment a girl on her unique t-shirt, it does not mean she'll sleep with you. Especially if she is sober and you're are counting on her to support you so that you do not fall over. You drunken retards.

The Oilers lost to Columbus last night in a shootout. At least the Flames succumbed to a similar fate when they played Columbus. Ulanov did not play. I wonder if it was because of the knee or if he was a healthy scratch. Better luck for tomorrow's game.


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