Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who's your (grand) daddy?

At left, we have the sexiest current Oil defenseman (Sorry, Tjarnqvist. I've forgotten what you look like. I hope your hernia surgery went well), Tom Gilbert. Gilbert is pictured here after his team, U of Wisconsin won the NCAA championship against Boston College. He recorded the game-winning goal. Why all the Gilbert talk? Take a look at that manly beard. It's clear that he was taking tips on facial hair from his predecessor, Igor "ZZ Top" Ulanov (and not from current team mate Raffi "crooked landing strip" Torres, thank goodness). I wish I had a picture of Ulanov during the playoffs last year. Because that facial hair was mighty.

On St. Patrick's Day, I was at my favourite watering hole on Whyte, and I ran into an Oilers defenseman there. He was quite jovial (perhaps because the Oilers got a point in their OT loss to St. Louis. Now they have 67 points!). I will not say who it was, except that his name rhymes with "rat spleen." I told him that I was a huge Ulanov fan, and that Ulanov had recently scored three points in one game. He said that he was also an Ulanov fan, and that Ulanov had called him after the famous three point game. Then he said that Ulanov was like his grandpa. Uhh...what? I'm not quite sure what he meant by that, but I'm resting easy in the fact that it's mathematically impossible. Just like the Oilers' playoff chances.

Yaroslavl is in its second round of the playoffs, and they sit at 1-1 in the first two matchups against Omsk. I haven't been able to check yet who got the goals, but we have it on good authority that Ulanov made two great defensive plays in the first game, and that he got another game misconduct penalty. Let's go, Loko!


Anonymous kyle the ulanov fan said...

That comment by Matt Gr...I mean, the unidentified player, just shows the type of respect Igor has from the players. How about bringing him back to coach the team? He'd obviously be more well received by the boys than Craig MacTarded and his tired message: "Just play it safe boys, I don't want any fore-checking, hitting, or offense or you'll be riding the pine."

10:28 PM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger the Prez said...

Well if his collection of penalties over the last few months are any indication, he's a fan of hitting. If his his three-point game is any indication, he's a fan of offensive play. Yup, he's perfect.

10:42 AM, March 22, 2007  

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