Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The readership increases.

I ran into someone last night who told me that he has read this blog. That means that we now have a reader who is neither on the fan club executive, nor related to the fan club executive. This puts the readership at about three, including me (I don't even think the VP reads this blog. He's too busy leaving smooshy lip marks on the windows of my mother's car. And I love him for it). Anyway, what I neglected to tell this individual from last night is that I read his blog also (yes, I'm aware that everyone who reads this blog is already well aware of where to find it).

I'm rather upset that I missed Saturday's game against Vancouver. I was busy carting myself and various drunkards to various birthday parties and I forgot to tape it. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but games where SeƱor Ulanov plays are becoming a rarity. It made me suspicious that they didn't play Tarnstrom, but I read just now that he has the flu.

I did tape the game last night, but Ulanov didn't play. It made me sad, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it (despite the fact that I kept dozing off because I started watching it at one in the morning). I'm becoming a bigger fan of Morrison by the day. When I sat down to watch the game last night/this morning, I was hoping to see Giguere play the same way he did last time we played them. Unfortunately he learned his lesson.

I taped yesterday's game because I went out to see Gogol Bordello last night. I mention this only because their accordion player looked a little bit Ulanov-esque, which is why I was making googly sex eyes at him when I wasn't in the process of giving myself whiplash. After the amazing show, my friend and I went to hang around at the back of the Sidetrack like a couple of groupies. I hit on the accordion player and I got my picture taken with him. I'm a fan.

Los Oilers meet up with the Avalanche tonight (I want to steal them in the night and turn them into the Nordiques). If Tarnstrom is still feeling unwell, maybe Igor will play tonight. My fingers are crossed.


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