Thursday, January 04, 2007

The silence is deafening.

Ulanov has been terribly quiet as of late. We can only assume that it's because he doesn't get much ice time (I actually don't have a clue how much ice time he gets...but it's not enough for the magic Russian hands).

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv in their last few games:
December 21st: Yaroslavl tied Cherepovets 1-1. No points or PIM for dear Ulie.
December 23rd: Yaroslavl gets shalacked by St. Petersberg 5-2. Still no word from Ulanov
December 26th: Moscow Dynamo falls in the face of the intimidating Lokomotiv. Ulanov continues to deny us humour involving penalties and poor translations.
December 28th: "ХК the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tver" (?) beat Yaroslavl in OT with a score of 5-4. Ulanov is an island.

Next game up is tomorrow against the Nizhnekamsk Petrochemists. Yaroslavl last played (and lost to) them on Oct 23rd, before the days of Ulanov.


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