Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spotlight on: Krasnokamsk (Краснокамска)

Every Wednesday the fan club will feature a different city that somehow pertains to Igor Ulanov. Yeah, I know today's Thursday, but I spent yesterday clutching a mug of Neocitran and cursing the USA men's national curling team.
Above, in a picture taken by Sergei Pakhomov, is the Second World War memorial in Krasnokamsk. Ulanov was born in Kransnokamsk on 1 October 1969.
Krasnokamsk is located in Perm oblast in western Russia. It is situated along the Kama river. Krasnokamsk was founded in 1929 as a pulp and paper mill settlement, and it became a town in 1938. An oil refinery opened there in 1943 and its main idustries are now oil refinery and metalworking. Krasnokamsk has a population of about 53 000 people. It is currently 8 degrees celsius there, with a high of nine degrees for today.


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