Sunday, March 05, 2006

Igor Ulanov: The Soldier

I went to the San Jose vs. Edmonton game on Friday. Our seats were close enough so that we could see the players' faces on the ice. It was great. Ulanov didn't play, but luckily I was prepared for that before I went to the game.
They always have credit card applications at the games, and they draw in the crowds by advertising free gifts. Well I'm never one to turn down free shit especially if it's free Oilers shit, so I now have an Oilers beach towel to add to my collection of free Oilers shit. Most of it sits in my closet, but not this one. I think I'll use it as a cape. Or a skirt. I would totally wear that in public.
Before the game, they showed a video clip and gave each of the Oilers a niche. Pronger was The Backbone, Peca was The Specialist, Torres, Stoll and Pisani were the Young Guns (mais ils ne sont pas robustes comme Ulanov quand il ├ętait un jeune fusil), The goalies were The Rearguards (maybe Spacek and Tarnstrom were too. I can't remember what they were), Hemsky was The Finesse, Bergeron was The Shot, Staios was The Grit, Smith was The Captain (how original), Horcoff was The Producer, Moreau was The Heart and Smyth was The Soul. And Ulanov? The Soldier.
We actually won the game too. Conklin played the entire game and only let in two goals. My friend j-roc suggested that it was a great "a-conk-lishment." I told him that he should apply to write headlines for The Edmonton Sun, the world's classiest newspaper (actual headline: Osama Bin Hiden). There were rowdy middle-aged men who were heckling Conklin, and there was an almost-scuffle between them and the Pro-Conklin twentysomethings a few rows up. Oh, beer (a note to the VP: it was nine dollar beer night).


Anonymous PhantomJoe1920 said...

I'm gettin' accustomed to this Top 6 d-pairings ( Pronger/MAB, Gator/Spacek, Staios/Tarnstrom )so hopefully KLo can re-sign these two newer rearguards for the next couple seasons for there seems to be some chemistry brewing. If not, Greene/Syvret should be regulars along with the usual suspects in 06-07':)

7:58 PM, March 05, 2006  
Blogger DonECoyote said...

9 dollar beer night, and I missed it?! My accountant is going to KILL me.

9:52 AM, March 09, 2006  

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