Saturday, April 08, 2006

The fan club needs YOUR help!!!!!

The regular season is drawing to a close, my friends, and the delicious Mr. Ulanov has been bringing enough love to the press box. It's time for change!

I propose we conduct a letter writing campaign to Mr. C. MacTavish, asking him to play Igor. We must bombard him with letters pleading the case. One of two things will happen:
1) He won't read the letters at all, or at least not before our last two home games.
2) He'll read the letters and ignore them.

Anyway, folks, we're running out of time. Their last game on the road trip is on Tuesday in Detroit and their second last game of the season is on the Thursday. Precious little time. I'm aiming to have everyone (meaning the three people who will actually do it) get their letters in the mailbox by Sunday. Let's get 'er done!

A few guidelines:
1. Be polite. Leave your thoughts about MacT's coaching deficiencies outside of the envelope. Making him angry won't get us anywhere. The same goes for 1984 faux pas.
2. Don't trash the other players. As useless as I find a certain pair of D-men, it's not the time or the place.
3. If you don't love Igor, pretend you do. For our sakes. List many reasons for your wanting to see him play.
4. No threats.

So that's pretty much it. I will be forever grateful to you if you participate!

Craig MacTavish
c/o The Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club
11230-110 st.
Edmonton, AB T5G 3H7


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