Saturday, April 01, 2006

On the subject of facial hair

Greetings, fellow fans! It would appear that Sergei isn't the only Russian Oiler to be fond an occasional beard. I found the first bearded Ulanov picture here (you will have to scroll down to find it), but because of the copyright I wasn't able to save it. Before I found the second picture, I was just going to draw on a beard to give everyone the idea. I think we're all glad that things didn't have to come to that. Anyway, take a look at the link. It's clear which Russian is capable of growing the mightier beard. For those of you who know either of my brothers, it would be like comparing their ability to grow facial hair with that of the late (ra! ra!)Rasputin (or Bowell, if you'd prefer a Canadian example). I wonder who is Russia's greatest love machine.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to tonight's game, wave in the direction of the press box for me.


Blogger DonECoyote said...

Horcoff was the third star of the game, proving once and for all he is a manly man. Take that all you Google nay-sayers!

10:05 PM, April 01, 2006  

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