Thursday, May 11, 2006

Separated at birth?

Well, no. I suspect that they were born in two different places. The left picture is one I took when I went to see Gogol Bordello (a band based in New York made up of Ukranian immigrants)at the old Sidetrack in January. This band puts on an amazing show and they have a very unique sound to them. If you haven't heard their music, go listen to it!

As I had previously mentioned in a post soon after this fan club was started, I found the accordian player to be very Ulanovesque in looks (except for the extreme lack of hair under that hat). In fact, the very first search engine hit the fan club received was someone looking for "Gogol Bordello Sidetrack." Anywhoo, the accordian player is great.

The picture on the right is of Ulanov, of course, whose arse I did not pinch behind the Sidetrack after the Gogol Bordello show.

In other news: I'm tired, but I don't care. Staying up to watch the game was totally worth it.
In Ulanov news: My coworker told me yesterday that she took her two sons to a Junior Oilers autograph day, and that Ulanov was really nice to them. Small news perhaps, but I still enjoy hearing about what a stand up guy he is. I'd hate to think that we started a fan club for a complete asshole. On a somewhat unrelated note, it appears that Ulanov is no longer good enough to merit his name being put on The Edmonton Journal (they don't get a link because I'm angry with them)'s Scratches List. Maybe another blurry picture is in order.


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