Monday, April 24, 2006

An Alternate Hockey Universe

Inspired by the April 11, 2006 post found on Covered in Oil, I have dusted off the ol' Sega Genesis to play NHL '95 (pictured at top, obviously). These were the days where the electronic EA Games sportscaster, a certain Mr. John Shrader, decided that the Winnipeg Jets had an advantage over the Oilers. Deliciously enough, these were also the days when Igor Ulanov played for Winnipeg.

The first time I played after my 5 year hiatus, Winnipeg was pitted against Hartford. Every time Winnipeg's 5D got the puck, he would try to score. He failed at every attempt and got two penalties instead. It was devestating. The second game I played, The Oilers were against The New York Islanders and Boris Mironov took out Ray Ferraro for five games. That will teach him for ridiculing Ulanov and his missed shots. Unless that was Kevin Quinn. Then, on behalf of the 1995 computerized Boris Mironov, I apologize. Anyway, now I'm playing an entire season at the expense of my relationships. Because in this world, Ulanov plays every game.

Back in the real world, however, the Oilers have managed to make sure that we will see a game five. I'm a much bigger fan of Playoff Roloson than of Regular Season Roloson. Excuse me while I go gaze lustily at my playoff tickets.


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