Sunday, June 18, 2006

I almost went to Raleigh last night.

Seriously. I ran into my uncle outside of Rexall Place, and his friend had a huge motorhome bus type contraption. They were going to go, and I secured myself a spot on the bus. Then after two hours of research, thinking, and sobering up, reality told us that it would be impossible to drive down in time for the game. It's a forty-four hour drive.

I've also decided, after putting a tremendous amount of thought into it, that I'm going to get an Oilers themed tattoo should we be the Cup winners tomorrow. This was previously something I only thought of while drunk. I was planning to get my next tattoo in August anyway, so it just makes sense.

This post has nothing to do with Igor Ulanov, but I remind you that he is clearly a great individual. He has a dinner club, after all.

Here we go Oilers, here we go!

Coming up next, I put forth my fantasy hockey team. It involves bringing people out of retirement. You'd better believe Ulanov will be the captain.


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