Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A call to song.

Greetings! As you may or may not know, this fan club is holding an Ulanov Appreciation Night/Fan Club Anniversary Party on Sunday. We need music for this party, and this is where you come in. We'd like some suggestions. Any song that reminds you of Ulanov? Besides the Divinyls' classic, of course. That one is already on the playlist. Either leave your suggestions in the comments section, or e-mail us at the address on the sidebar. Thanks!

The Prez & Don E. Coyote

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Edmonton needs shins like these:

Valentine's Day turned out to be a good one for the Lokomotiv. They beat the Novokuznetsk Metallurgists by a score of 6-1. No points or PIM for Ulanov, but semi-Oiler Alexei Mikhnov scored twice. Yaroslavl hit the road and visited Chelyabinsk on 17 February and shut them out 2-0. They were back home on the "Marty Reasoner" day of February and they tied Chekhov by a score of 2-2. Ulanov spent two minutes in the sin bin for "roughness (fight)." Yaroslavl visited the Moscow Dynamo on 21 February, and lost to them 5-2. Ulanov spent another two minutes in the box for what I can assume was an altercation with Moscow's number 28, Куляш. He also served a penalty for "emission of washer." I think I may need to get a new online translator.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ulanov tops my list of 50 sexiest Men (and is the subject of a new Timberlake song)

Well after three months of working on it, I finally managed to finish the list of the 50 Sexiest Men Alive!

Also: Bringin's Igor Back: a song

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Join it.

The Unofficial Igor Ulanov Fan Club, now on Facebook.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Party of the Century!!!

Click on the poster to see it full size, or just click here!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shout it from the roof top: Ulanov's on fire!

Ulanov has been busy as of late. Busy getting points!
Yaroslavl shit-kicked Magnitogorsk by a score of 3-0 on January 23rd. No points or PIM for dear old Ulanov, but the points were to come! On January 25th, Yaroslavl beat Omsk by a score of 4-3, and Ulanov got an assist on Lokomotiv's second goal! He also spent two minutes in the box for the cardinal sin of "push aboard." January 28th saw another point on the Ulanov scoreboard, as he got an assist in Yaroslavl's 4-1 victory over Kazan. On January 30th, Yaroslavl beat Moscow "Wings of Advice" 3-1. Ulanov spent another two minutes in the box for push aboard. February 2nd saw yet another win for Yaroslavl as they beat Khabarovsk by a score of 4-3. All quiet there on the Ulanov front.
Four points and twenty-six penalty minutes in twenty-three games!

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