Monday, August 06, 2007

I wrote this on somebody's car. In sharpie.

With permission, of course. The car was entered into a demolition derby in New Brunswick. They came in...5th! That's a lucky digit. Err...where have we been for the last 3 months? I have no excuse, but here's a nice picture of the fan club executive sporting the trendiest in hang over fashion while lying on the kitchen floor. That t-shirt was lent to me by a Jets/Flames fan. No one can resist that Edmonton charm, despite its hockey team's atrocious play of the yester-season.

I've received an update from our Yaroslavl fan/correspondent, and she says that he has been signed for this season with Yaroslavl and is set to play in a pre-season tournament. Also, he is apparently a "very snappy dresser."