Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spotlight on: Voskresensk (Воскресенск)

I had a very difficult finding pictures of Voskresensk. During my search, I mainly found various photos and sites for the Voskresensk Khimik (which is why this city gets the spotlight in the first place), various websites suggesting that I marry women from Voskresensk, and pictures of trains, which are extremely boring (unless they come from Yaroslavl - ha, ha, ha). So it appears that Voskresensk is big on trains. Then I found a site that sells shark teeth. Shark teeth from Voskresensk. This tooth...ah, well I think they said it best:

A GEM, very rare Sphenodus tooth, from a very early shark. Absolutely great preservation - excellent condition with extra sharp cutting edges and a needle tip. Perfect tooth. These are Upper Jurassic age from Voskresensk, Russia. Top quality. A rare, killer tooth!

And for only $145, this killer tooth can be yours. Anyway, let's get back to Voskresensk. It's located in Moscow oblast, 80-ish km southeast of the city of Moscow. Its population appears to be in decline. According to Wikipedia's census numbers. In 2002, the population was 77 871. It was 79 900 and 81 400 in 2000 and 1991, respectively. Voskresensk was the original name of the nearby town of Istra until 1929. Voskresensk-Istra achieved town status in the eighteenth century, while the current home of the Khimik achieved this status in 1938. I couldn't find a weather report for Voskresensk, but in Istra it is currently 2 degrees, with a high for today of 8. And it's raining!

Ulanov played for the Voskresensk Khimik for about a season and a half between 1990 and 1992 before joining the Jets in '92. He had a total of nine points for Voskresensk.

On an unrelated note, our thoughts are with Laika's family even after all these years.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

July: a season of hope

Tomorrow (when I have a small break in exams, it being the weekend and all) I will get back to the posts that I've promised but not delivered. For now, let's take a look back in history. July 2006 was a month full of hope. In my mind, there was still the smallest of chances that Ulanov would be re-signed. Then there was this. Click on the link in the last paragraph. How little I knew then. July 2006 also saw the birth of Hot Oil.

Oh Tom Gilbert, you're the next best thing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spotlight on: Perm (not the hairstyle)

Today's city is Perm. The Perm Central Square is pictured (Krasnov Travel Agency) above. It is apparently a popular site for wedding photos. Like Krasnokamsk, Perm is located in Perm oblast. It is the most Eastern city of Europe. Perm has a roaring population of 1.2 million people and is Russia's 6th largest city. It was, for a period, called Molotov after the USSR's Stalin-era foreign minister. Perm officially became a city in 1723, and 12 July still brings many celebrations. The region around Perm is rich in timber, minerals, and oil. It is also a main Russian transportation hub, with the Trans Siberian Railway passing through it.

During the Cold War, Perm was the a major military industry site was kept a secret from the outside world. It did not appear on many Soviet-made maps. Perm is one of the most multicultural cities in Russia. It is currently cloudy in Perm, with a high of two degrees Celsius and a low of -2.

Igor Ulanov played a total 74 regular season games over three seasons (1985-1988) with Perm Molot, then of the Rus-1 league and now of the Russian Superleague. Its logo appears to be some kind of bear.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The key word is "fine."

So, Sunday (err...Tuesday) brings another edition of "In the Cards." Today's Igor Ulanov hockey card is pictured above with a "heart" around it (we all know how good I am at drawing those). It's a Topps card, #468.
"Ulanov is a fine all-around player who's more than willing to participate in the physical aspects of the game. Ulanov is a highly rated prospect who registered a respectable rookie season. Ulanov, a native Russian, registered 11 points in 27 games last season for the Jets. He's a quick defenseman with a fine shot from the point. He's noted as an offensive defenseman, but has improved defensively."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spotlight on: Krasnokamsk (Краснокамска)

Every Wednesday the fan club will feature a different city that somehow pertains to Igor Ulanov. Yeah, I know today's Thursday, but I spent yesterday clutching a mug of Neocitran and cursing the USA men's national curling team.
Above, in a picture taken by Sergei Pakhomov, is the Second World War memorial in Krasnokamsk. Ulanov was born in Kransnokamsk on 1 October 1969.
Krasnokamsk is located in Perm oblast in western Russia. It is situated along the Kama river. Krasnokamsk was founded in 1929 as a pulp and paper mill settlement, and it became a town in 1938. An oil refinery opened there in 1943 and its main idustries are now oil refinery and metalworking. Krasnokamsk has a population of about 53 000 people. It is currently 8 degrees celsius there, with a high of nine degrees for today.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's all in the cards.

Welcome to Sunday evening. Tonight kicks off a weekly Sunday feature involving Igor Ulanov hockey cards. Pictured above is the fan club's collection of Ulanov stuff (minus the most prized possesion: the game-worn Paul Coffey Night jersey). Since there won't be much for news on the Ulanov front, Sundays will bring excerpts from the back of hockey cards.

First Up: card #416 from the Leaf Set, copyright 1994 by Donruss Inc. (top row, second from the right). The front shows Ulanov wearing the away (dark) Winnipeg Jets jersey while sporting a look of concentration. On the back it says, "While known more for his defensive play than his offensive abilities, Igor was just one assist shy from leading Jets' defensemen in that category last season." The back of the card also shows his stats from the 93-94 season. He played 74 games, had zero goals and seventeen assists. He sat at a -11 with 165 penalty minutes.

Now I'm off to E-bay to see if the ten cent Ulanov hockey card section has been replenished.