Monday, June 26, 2006

5 days and counting...

Ulanov has five days left of Oilers membership. How will he spend these last five days? I have my fingers crossed as always that there will be some kind of miracle will come upon us. All I have to say to Mr. Lowe at this point is, I'll bet Ulanov is one defenceman whose agent wouldn't whine for a trade.

Speaking of miracles, though, someone found this site by searching for "Igor, I believe in miracles." Very awesome indeed. Some other Igor-related queries: "Igor gets you," (Yeah, he really just understands), "What regular season game Igor Ulanov not played missed," and "Igor mania" (every day here is Igor mania). We also had searches for "Pronger Peca married" (both are, but not to each other), "5 letter name for an Edmonton Oiler hockey player" (answer: great), "Staios address" (and here come the stalkers), and "Raffi Torres supermodel" (not with facial hair like that). Now that I've had my fun pretending to be an Edmonton Sun editor, here are the completely non-hockey searches: "pictures from O'Byrnes pub," "world's classiest beards," "how to write a French letter to a co-worker in an accident," and my personal favourite, "the official Lurch fan club."

I'm almost finished setting the lines for my fantasy hockey team. Wayne Gretzky is an assistant captain.


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